What Should I do With Wet Area Rugs?

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Knowing what to do with wet area rugs can represent the difference between getting them back to good condition or having to throw them out and pick something new. We’re going to go ahead and assume that saving them is what you hope to do, so we’ve written this quick and easy guide to point you in the right direction.

Act Fast

When a human is injured, you know to act fast. Well, the same rule applies when you’re dealing with rugs. Water damage will lead to mold if the wet rugs are allowed to sit, especially if you pile or ball them up somewhere out of the way. Even if you bring those rugs to us for professional carpet cleaning after you leave for an extended period, they’re almost certainly going to be beyond all hope, so be sure to act immediately.

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Determine the Source of Water

You have to treat rugs damaged by sewer water differently than those damaged by clean water. Finding out the type of water is going to help you decide on your next step.

  • Sewage Water: Sewage water contains bacteria and other viruses, which can clearly by harmful to you and your family. Rugs affected by sewage water should be discarded immediately.

  • Clean Water: First, try placing your wet rugs in the sun. This will help dry out the fibers while also acting as a natural deodorizer. After the rugs are dry, you can roll them up and bring them over to Russell Martin Carpet and rugs. Alternatively, you can arrange for our steam cleaning professionals to come to you, pick up the rugs, and then re-deliver them when we’re done. You’ll be stunned by the wonders that hot water extraction cleaning can work.

Russell Martin Carpet and Rugs Can Help Clean Your Wet Area Rugs

When homeowners from Naperville, Lisle, Wheaton, and beyond contact us for advice on dealing with wet carpets, we always know how to proceed. For any further assistance or advice, simply contact us today.

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